World’s Whitest Beach

World’s Whitest Beach?

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay
Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

If you thought you saw the whitest sand in the world somewhere in the Caribbean, Asia or the Pacific, perhaps you ought to read this. It’s not quite in any of the tropical paradise that most people would associate a nice white sand beach to. I never thought that a world record existed for the World’s Whitest Beach or World’s Whitest Sand, but it apparently is in the Guinness Book of World Records. I really wonder I recently came back from a short trip over Easter, and this is how I found out about the record. As you can tell, I love spending time on the beach. My dream is to own a house by the beach, where I can just walk out of my backyard and step into some fine white sand beach. Thus, I was extremely curious when someone told me about the world’s whitest beach!

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Land Divers of Pentecost Island

The Original Bungy Jumpers

Land Diver (Nagol) Vanuatu
Land Diver (Nagol) Vanuatu

Bungy Jumping, as we know it today, has its roots from the most unusual place in the world. It’s been practiced for way longer than when AJ Hackett invented the adrenaline-pumping experience that many people come to know. Bungy jumping did not come from New Zealand. The original idea can be traced from the Melanesian islands of Vanuatu (formerly called New Hebrides).

The tropical islands of Vanuatu is renowned for its magnificent diving, very friendly people and the more than a dozen active volcanos that dot its country. Most tourist visit the islands for its rugged mountains, tropical forest and well-preserved and rich marine life. But there is one unique thing that only few people have come to know – Vanuatu is home of the land divers (called Naghol or N’gol in the local language).

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